Once tuition has been paid and a student has attended class, enrollment will be considered complete.  Deposits and Tuition are “non-refundable”.   We will not issue refunds for missed classes.  However, our best attempt will be made to let your child attend a “make up” class if there is a class offered at your location or a nearby location on a different day.

Students must be picked up on time when the class is over.  A $15 late fee will be charged for any child that is not picked up within 15 minutes after class has ended.

Occasionally, teachers may take classroom photos and/or photos of children’s art work.  If enrolled in our program, it is possible that your child may be included in one of these photos.  However, students names are not used with the photos.

Waiver Of Liability
In and for consideration of my participation in this program, I hereby agree and promise that I will not hold the Northside ISD, Northeast ISD,  Judson ISD, Comal ISD, My Art Starz , its employees, or any instructors responsible for any loss, damages, or personal injuries that my child/myself may receive as a result of participation.  This waiver of liability expressly includes transportation to and from , or in connection with said program.