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My Art Starz Policies

By enrolling your child in one of our classes, you agree to adhere to these policies

We expect students to follow the same rules in an after school class as they do in their classrooms during the day. Attending an after school class is a privilege, therefore students who misbehave in class will be given one warning. The second incident will result in a phone call to the parents to discuss expectations for behavior in an after school class. If the incidents are severe, the student may be withdrawn from the after school class. There will be no refund of fees. The after school program cannot serve students who display chronically disruptive behavior. This is defined a verbal or physical activity which may include but is not limited to such behavior that requires constant attention from the staff, inflicts physical or emotional harm on other students, abuses to the staff and/or ignores or disobeys the rules that guide behavior during the school day.

After school classes begin immediately after school. Your child’s teacher will take your child to the “art” room or designated area (e.g. cafeteria – where our art teacher will gather them for the art lesson). At the end of class, the students will be escorted to the school’s designated pick up area.
If your child attends the school afterschool program (learning tree, KIN, adventure club, YMCA), they will be escorted back to their after school program after the art class.
Please inform your child’s classroom teacher that he/she will be attending the art class after school. Class rosters are sent to the school office staff. Homeroom teachers are notified of your child’s attendance by community education or the Art Starz staff.
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate makeup classes. However, our instructors will work diligently to catch your child up if they should miss class(es).

Pick Up Procedure
Parents must promptly pick up children at the end of each art class. If the parent encounters an emergency situation, alternative arrangements should be made for pick-up. Students will be picked up at the school’s designated pick up area. A parent is considered late 10 minutes after the class dismissal time and a late fee will be charged. The late fee is $15 for the first 10 minutes and $1 per minute for every minute thereafter regardless of the reason for the late pick up. Late fees will be paid directly to the instructor and it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make the payment. For example, if you child’s class dismisses at 4:00, the late fee of $15 will begin at 4:10 and $1 for every minute thereafter. Repeated late pickups will result in a phone call to the parents and possible dismissal from the program. There will be no refund of fees. After school teachers are instructed to call the campus police if a student is not picked up within 30 minutes of the class dismissal and no contact has been made with parent/guardian. We ask that parents verify that contact information is current and up to date. Please monitor your phone at the end of class time.